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Search Funds

Calling entrepreneurs to lead through acquisition.

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, and we know that the path of entrepreneurship through acquisition is challenging. The best success stories all have a strong partnership with wise coaches, advisors, and board members at each stage in the process. We offer decades of experience in search and a vast network of resources for exceptional people seeking entrepreneurship through acquisition. Our founder, Joel Peterson, invested in and sat on the board of Asurion, one of the earliest and most notable search fund investments.

Building a business is hard – we get it.

Over the last two decades, we’ve helped exceptional entrepreneurs build over 300 businesses. We go all-in on Change Makers with more than just capital. We roll up our sleeves alongside you to solve problems, delight customers, and inspire growth. Join us and make change happen.




Our calling is to help business builders succeed.

We think there is nothing more exciting than helping incredible people build enduring enterprises. We participate for a chapter of growth, usually 5-10 years, during which we work hard as a trusted coach and advisor in building brands, systems, and human capital.

People make all the difference, and who we back is our primary investment question. The best part of our work is the lasting relationships we build with incredible entrepreneurs. They inspire us to be better people ourselves, the type you partner with for the long haul.

At our core, we believe in paying it forward. There is no such thing as a one-off transaction. We put our companies and their management teams first, so we can achieve more together in the long run. We work hard to earn long term relationships of trust, with many of our entrepreneurs becoming investors and advisers themselves.

Types of Investments


Industry and Company Focus


Average Investment: $500K - $5M

Other ways we invest

You took a risk on me and supported me very closely during the entire period at DCI. You did so much as my lead investor. You put so many resources from Peterson to work to help me and the broader investment community succeed. I do not take those many nuances for granted. And you rode the ups and downs with me every step of the way. Thank you.

Charbel Zreik – former CEO of DCI, a former Peterson portfolio company

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*DISCLAIMER: The portfolio companies identified and described herein do not represent all of the portfolio companies purchased, sold or recommended for funds advised by Peterson Partners. The reader should not assume that an investment in the portfolio companies identified was or will be profitable.